History of Sino Eagle Group

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The vision of Sino Eagle Group company was founded from humble beginnings by John (Zhangyou) Xiong in 1985.

A self made entrepreneur, John grew up in a family with many siblings - his father was a local fisherman. Spending time as a child around the water, from an early age, John was always drawn to boats and the watercraft around him.

 - At the age of 15, John entered trade school which was the standard practice at the time in the Chinese education system. He studied carpentry and production furniture making.Unsatisfied with this as a career path, with the will to make a difference, John spent his days studying the trade school curriculum, and his nights and free time developing his passion for designing and producing finely crafted furniture. John went on to graduate from trade school but not before he expressed his passion and interests to his teachers by wowing them with his extracurricular fine craftsmanship.

After working for a local boat builder and learning as much as he could, in 1985, John decided to strike out on his own and started designing and building high performance rowing shells. This was a niche market which John felt offered a strategic platform to launch and grow from. In March of 1986, John's first boat was launched, which went on to win a gold medal in April, in a national race against 5 other imported boats.

 - The companies first real stand and ultimate test of endurance in the marketplace came shortly before the 1990 Asian Games. The company was chosen as the official supplier of 61 racing shells to the Asian Games. Weeks before the scheduled delivery of the boats, tragedy struck when the factory roof caved in under extreme weather conditions and destroyed most of the finished shells. At his wits end, and with minimal resources to continue, or for that matter,deliver on time, John's staff displayed the highest degree of loyalty and teamwork by pulling together working days and nights with-out pay, to save the company and what it stood for, by meeting their deadlines and delivering on-time. This is the earliest incident and testament to the comradeship, loyalty and passion which can be seen in the company as strongly today, as it was 30 years ago.

Although the company has come a long way since its humble beginnings, the brotherhood, loyalty and continued perseverance by all to produce the best composites products for world leading companies is instilled in our everyday dealings, and is something that our employees and partners are proud to be a part of.

In 2007, Sino Eagle Group company was established to manage the 5 subsidiary specialized manufacturing companies, producing a full range of quality recreational and commercial products.

On October 25, 2011 Sino Eagle USA became a registered and established entity in the state of Florida, USA. This strategic decision by Sino Eagle Group serves as a testament and an investment to our commitment in strengthening our relationships with American businesses and consumers who demand the highest quality goods and services. Sino Eagle Group employs American nationals in the USA and abroad.
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