Flying Eagle Company Introduction


Hangzhou Flying Eagle Boat Co., Ltd is a privately owned company which produces high quality affordable kayaks, racing shells, rowing boats, paddles, oars and accessories. Hangzhou WinTech was founded by Mr. Xiong Zhangyou, which also uses the brand name of WinTech.
About 3000 rowing shells are produced annually. This ranks Hangzhou WinTech as one of the biggest rowing shell manufacturers in the world, as well as the biggest in China. Hangzhou WinTech has 56000 square meters of workshops and hi-tech facilities to produce rowing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surf boards, sup and motor boats.

Hangzhou WinTech is located in Fuyang City, situated in the hills surrounding the Fuchun River. The factory is 38 KM to Hangzhou and 250KM to Shanghai. It is located at NO.81 Golf Road,Gaoqiao Town, Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province 311402 P.R.C. International transportation is available and convenient to both cities.

 - Production technologies all include vacuum-bagged and heat-cured laminates, and sandwich structures for a superior product. Pre-preg and traditional epoxy wet-layup constructions are available for most boats, using Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass to suit the needed level of performance, usage and price. Both single skin and sandwich structure construction, with Nomex honeycomb and high-density foam core, are available to meet weight and stiffness criteria.

Carbon sculls, oars and paddles are available in different ranges of stiffness to meet your need as well as a full compliment of accessories, from boat slings to pitching gauges and beyond.

The range of rowing boats includes 28 types of racing shells, in 4 different price categories determined by construction method and materials. Hangzhou WinTech also makes adaptive, touring, recreational and open-sea rowing boats that are specially designed for their particular usage. The hull of the catamaran launches, are based on racing shell design, with low resistance and wash, are available for coaching, umpiring and professional TV transmission. To learn more about WinTech products, please visit our website:

 - Klaus Filter (Germany) is the production consultant to Hangzhou WinTech and is widely regarded as the world's leading expert on racing shell design and construction. He has designed more Olympic and World Championship winning shells than any other person. His ongoing involvement is one example of how the company works hard to enhance quality, efficiency, and management.

In 2004, Hangzhou WinTech, WinTech Racing (USA) and Klaus Filter combined efforts to create complete line of High Temperature Pre-preg Monocoque rowing shells. WinTech Racing technicians were at the factory for over 10 months of that year, creating one of the lightest, stiffest and safest rowing shells available worldwide. Further cooperation between Hangzhou WinTech and WinTech Racing continued presence in China, continues the innovations and increases the quality of the product daily.

 - Sales are very active throughout Western Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. High results have been achieved at all levels of competition by the boats produced at Hangzhou WinTech. Hangzhou WinTech has cooperated with the International Rowing Federation (FISA), to provide shells and oars for the Worldwide FISA Development Program. This innovative program has resulted in many new athletes, in developing countries, to gain access to affordable high-quality rowing equipment.


With its expertise in composite technology, Hangzhou WinTech can also manufacture yachts, motor boats and other specialized composite products. Cooperation with foreign distributors and manufacturers is always welcome.
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